Full Scale LP
Full Scale LP
Studio album by Show & A.G.


24 May 1998




Hip hop




Ahmed, Greyboy, Show

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Live Hard (2007)

Full Scale LP is the third studio album by American hip hop duo Show & A.G., released in 1998 on D.I.T.C. Records. The album followed the release of the Full Scale EP, which featured five songs from Full Scale LP and several instrumentals. The production on the album was handled predominantly by Show, with contributions from Ahmed and Greyboy.

Four songs from this album later appeared on the 2000 self-titled album by the Diggin' in the Crates Crew: "Dignified Soldiers", "Drop It Heavy", "Spit" and "Time to Get This Money".

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Themes, Schemes & Dreams" A.G., O.C., D-Flow, Party Arty Show 4:22
2. "Drop It Heavy" KRS-One, Big Pun, A.G. Show 4:10
3. "Q & A" A.G., Party Arty, D-Flow Show 4:00
4. "Full Scale" A.G., O.C. Show 3:51
5. "Spit" A.G. Show 3:27
6. "Time to Get This Money" A.G., Diamond D, O.C. Ahmed 2:53
7. "Who's the Dirtiest" A.G., Party Arty, D-Flow Show 3:30
8. "Dignified Soldiers" Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G., O.C. Show 4:30
9. "Put It In Your System" A.G., Diamond D Show, Lord Finesse (co.) 3:44
10. "Raw As Ever" A.G. Show 2:22
11. "Dignified Soldiers (Remix)" Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G., O.C. Show 4:14
12. "Spit (Remix)" A.G., D-Flow Show 3:11
13. "Hidden Crates" A.G. Greyboy 3:29
14. "Hold Mines" A.G. Greyboy 3:54
15. "Get Dirty" A.G., Party Arty, D-Flow Show 3:53
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