Fuck What You Think
Fuck What You Think
Studio album by Main Source


22 March 1994


March 1993 - January 1994


Platinum Island Studios
(New York City, NY)


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, Underground hip hop




Wild Pitch Records / EMI


K-Cut, L.T., Sir Scratch

Main Source chronology


Breaking Atoms (1991)

Fuck What You Think is the second and final album by American hip hop group Main Source, released in 1994 on Wild Pitch Records. Large Professor, one of the group's founding members and the sole rapping member of the trio, left the group in 1992, and was replaced by emcee Mikey D. Mikey D was previously signed to Sleeping Bag Records, and was from Large Professor's hometown of Queens, New York. The song "Set It Off" features verses from Jadakiss and Sheek Louch of D-Block, before they became successful artists a few years later. "Set It Off" and "Fuck What You Think" also feature a guest appearance from Kool G Rap's wife Shaqueen.

Only one single, "What You Need", was released in promotion for the album. The album was unsuccessful, and was shelved after Main Source disassembled later that year.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Diary of a Hit Man" Mikey D K-Cut 5:23
2. "Only the Real Survive" Mikey D L.T. 3:31
3. "What You Need" Mikey D K-Cut 4:14
4. "Merrick Boulevard" Mikey D Sir Scratch 3:27
5. "Down Low" Mikey D K-Cut 3:36
6. "Intermission" - K-Cut 1:56
7. "Where We're Coming From" Mikey D K-Cut 3:22
8. "Hellavision" Mikey D Sir Scratch 3:59
9. "Fuck What You Think" Mikey D, Shaqueen K-Cut 4:37
10. "Set It Off" Jay, Sheik, Lotto, Shaqueen, Mikey D Sir Scratch 4:41
11. "Scratch & Kut 94" - K-Cut 2:04

Samples Edit

Diary of a Hit Man

  • "Can You Do Without?" by The Meters
  • "The Rill Thing" by Little Richard
  • "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by Jimmy Ponder

Only the Real Survive

  • "Soul" by Jackie McLean
  • "Thoughts of Old Flames" by Pleasure
  • "Junkman's Song" by Stark Reality

What You Need

  • "Segue 2: Funky Breeze/Ghetto Scene" by The Dells
  • "Spinning Wheel" by Maynard Ferguson
  • "Outside Love" by Brethren

Merrick Boulevard

  • "Rural Still Life #26" by Tom Scott

Down Low

  • "In the Beginning" by Body and Soul


  • "Wah Wah Man" by Young-Holt Unlimited

Fuck What You Think

  • "Fly With the Wings of Love" by Joe Sample
  • "N.T." by Kool & the Gang
  • "World's Famous" by Malcolm McLaren

Set It Off

  • "Don't Change Your Love" by Five Stairsteps
  • "Summer in the City" by Quincy Jones feat. Valerie Simpson
  • "The Man Tries Running His Usual Game..." by Melvin Van Peebles

Scratch & Kut '94

  • "Pontieo" by Woody Herman
  • "D'Ya Like Scratchin'?" by Malcolm McLaren and World's Famous Supreme Team
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