From Where???
From Where???
Studio album by Mad Skillz


13 February 1996




Hip hop




Big Beat


The Beatnuts, Buckwild, DJ Clark Kent, Ez Elpee, Jay Dee, Large Professor, Mad Skillz, Nick Wiz, Shawn J Period

From Where??? is the debut album by American rapper Mad Skillz, released in 1996 on Big Beat Records. The album's title refers to Skillz's hometown of Richmond, Virginia and it being unknown in the hip hop at the time. It features an all-star production team consisting of J Dilla, The Beatnuts, Buckwild, Large Professor and DJ Clark Kent. Large Professor and Q-Tip make an appearance on the song "Extra Abstract Skillz", while Skillz's crew appear on the posse cut "Unseen World". 

From Where??? peaked at #154 on the Billboard 200, and #18 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. The singles "The Nod Factor" and "Move Ya Body" received moderate radio and video airplay. The album was praised for its strong lyrical content and production.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "From Where??? (Intro)" - - Mad Skillz 1:22
2. "It's Goin' Down" Mad Skillz Lewis, Yancey Jay Dee 4:03
3. "The Nod Factor" Mad Skillz Fernandez, Lewis, Rey, Watson The Beatnuts 3:58
4. "VA. in the House" Mad Skillz Best, Lewis Buckwild 4:34
5. "Tongues of the Next Shit" Mad Skillz, Kalonji the Immortal Coleman, Lewis Mad Skillz 4:23
6. "Doin' Time in the Cypha" Mad Skillz Allen, Ayers, Best, Lewis, Woo Buckwild 4:16
7. "Tip of the Tongue" Mad Skillz Lewis, Loizides Nick Wiz 3:51
8. "Extra Abstract Skillz" Mad Skillz, Large Professor, Q-Tip Davis, Mitchell, Lewis Large Professor 3:15
9. "WMAD (Interlude)" - - - 1:08
10. "Get Your Groove On" Mad Skillz Best, Lewis Buckwild 4:43
11. "The Jam" Mad Skillz Lewis, Yancey Jay Dee 4:18
12. "Move Ya Body" Mad Skillz Eastwood, Franklin, Lewis, Osborne DJ Clark Kent 3:59
13. "Street Rules" Mad Skillz Jones, Lewis Shawn J Period 4:29
14. "All in It" Mad Skillz Jones, Lewis Shawn J Period 4:26
15. "Unseen World" Mad Skillz, Dr. Mindbenda, Javon the Medieval, Kalonji the Immortal, Lil' Roc, Lonnie B. Barbour, Battle, Coleman, Lewis, Porter, Rahman, West Ez Elpee 4:52
16. "Inherit the World" Mad Skillz Lewis, Jones Shawn J Period 4:21
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