From Pyramids to Projects
From Pyramids to Projects
Studio album by Two Kings in a Cipher




Hip hop, conscious hip hop


Bahia Entertainment


Amen-Ra, D.O.P., Abdul Haqq Islam (exec.), Gregory Peck (exec.)

From Pyramids to Projects is the debut album by American hip hop duo Two Kings in a Cipher, released in 1991 on Bahia Entertainment. The album was produced and performed entirely by group members D.O.P. and Amen-Ra. It is the only album released by the group, although the two members would later reemerge as record producers for Bad Boy Entertainment.

Track listingEdit

Produced by Amen-Ra, and co-produced by D.O.P.

No. Title Time
1. "The Creator Had a Master Plan" 0:28
2. "Definition of a King" 3:15
3. "Daffy wuz a Black Man" 2:47
4. "How U Figga???" 3:26
5. "Kemit-Cal Reaction" 4:32
6. "You Know How to Make Me (Short Version)" 4:20
7. "Prelude to a Masterpiece" 0:33
8. "Movin' on 'Em (The Remix)" 4:09
9. "Com'n Atcha" 3:49
10. "TKO'n" 3:23
11. "Kings Are People Too!!!" 3:43
12. "For the Brothers Who Ain't Here" 4:45
CD bonus tracks
13. "So What I Can't Dance" 4:03
14. "This Is for the Brothers (Jazz Mix)" 4:26
15. "Neighbors" 4:47
16. "Shoutouts" 1:47
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