Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One
Forever- Rich Thugs, Book One
Studio album by Above the Law


26 October 1999




Hip hop




Street Solid


Above the Law (also exec.), Big Hutch, Big Mil, Tha Chill, DJ Silk, Nick

Above the Law chronology


Legends (1998)


Sex, Money & Music (2009)

Forever: Rich Thugs, Book One is the sixth studio album by American hip hop group Above the Law, released in 1999 on Street Solid. It is the first Above the Law album to not be produced predominantly by Cold 187um, as it features additional production work from Tha Chill, DJ Silk, Big Mil and Nick.

It was Above the Law's first album to not reach any US Billboard charts.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Rich Thugs (Intro)" - Big Mil 1:47
2. "Black Mob" Cold 187um, KMG, Safecracka DJ Silk 4:36
3. "Marvin" Cold 187um, KMG Big Hutch 4:11
4. "Three Strikes" - - 0:33
5. "Recycle the Black Dollar" Cold 187um, KMG Big Hutch 3:23
6. "Respect" Cold 187um, KMG, Young Ten Tha Chill, Above the Law (co.) 4:20
7. "Pawns" Cold 187um, KMG Nick, Above the Law (co.) 4:02
8. "Thug in Your Life" Cold 187um, KMG Big Mil 5:14
9. "Smoke" Cold 187um, KMG Tha Chill, Above the Law 4:14
10. "Rich Thugs Movement (Interlude)" - - 2:34
11. "A.T.L. True" Cold 187um, KMG Big Mil, Above the Law (co.) 4:31
12. "It Ain't Where You From" Cold 187um, KMG Big Hutch, Above the Law (co.) 4:00
13. "The Money (Interlude)" - - 0:32
14. "Sax" Cold 187um, KMG Big Mil 4:07
15. "P.I.M.P." Cold 187um, KMG, Ha-Ha L.O.C., Safecracka, Young Ten Big Mil, Big Hutch (co.) 5:29
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