Expansion Team
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Studio album by Dilated Peoples


23 October 2001


2000-2001 at D&D Studios, The Dewgarde Crib of Hits, Encore Studios, Skip Saylor, Soundproof, Front Page Recorders, The Studio and Mad Dog Studios


Hip hop






?uestlove, The Alchemist, Da Beatminerz, Joey Chavez, DJ Babu, DJ Premier, Evidence, JuJu

Dilated Peoples chronology


The Platform (2000)


Neighborhood Watch (2004)

Expansion Team is the second studio album by American hip hop group Dilated Peoples, released in 2001 on Capitol Records. The album features guest appearances from Guru, Black Thought and Tha Alkaholiks, and production work by DJ Premier, The Alchemist, Da Beatminerz, ?uestlove and JuJu

The album peaked at #36 on the Billboard 200, and #8 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. The release is often considered the group's best album, and is well known for its single "Worst Comes to Worst".

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Live on Stage" Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence Maman, Perretta, Taylor The Alchemist 4:42
2. "Worst Comes to Worst" Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience Bell, Johnson, Jones, Maman, Muchita, Perretta, Taylor The Alchemist 3:36
3. "Clockwork" Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience Martin, Perretta, Taylor DJ Premier 3:49
4. "Trade Money" Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence Dewgarde, Dewgarde, Perretta, Taylor Da Beatminerz 5:38
5. "Heavy Rotation" Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience, Tha Alkaholiks Brooks, Perretta, Robinson, Smith, Taylor Evidence 5:16
6. "Self Defense" Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence Perretta, Taylor, Tineo JuJu 3:37
7. "Phil da Agony Interlude" Phil da Agony Oroc, Smith DJ Babu 0:42
8. "Proper Propaganda" Rakaa Iriscience Brown, Johnson, McQueen, Oroc, Schell, Taylor DJ Babu 3:56
9. "Dilated Junkies" - Oroc, Peretta, Taylor Evidence, DJ Babu 4:12
10. "Panic" Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience Maman, Perretta The Alchemist 3:49
11. "Pay Attention" Rakaa Iriscience Oroc, Taylor DJ Babu 3:24
12. "Night Life" Evidence Chavez, Peretta Joey Chavez 4:14
13. "War" Rakaa Iriscience Taylor, Thompson ?uestlove 1:33
14. "Hard Hitters" Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience Oroc, Perretta, Porter, Taylor, Trotter, Williams DJ Babu 3:57
15. "Defari Interlude" Defari Johnson, Peretta Evidence 1:50
16. "Expansion Team Theme" Rakaa Iriscience, Evidence Chavez, Peretta, Taylor Joey Chavez, Metis Cole (co.) 6:39


  • All scratches performed by DJ Babu
  • Track 2 features additional vocals performed by Guru.
  • Track 4 features additional vocals performed by Cokni O'Dire.
  • Track 5 features additional vocals performed by Shae Fiol.
  • Track 9 features scratches performed by J-Rocc, Rhettmatic and Melo-D.
  • Track 12 features additional vocals performed by Noelle Scaggs.
  • Track 15 features bass performed by Anton Pukshansky, and scratches performed by DJ Revolution.
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