Everything's Berri
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Studio album by AG


25 June 2010




Hip hop


Red Apples 45, Fat Beats


AG (also exec.), Menocal, Ray West

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Get Dirty Radio (2006)

Everything's Berri (entitled Everything's Berrii on vinyl) is the third solo album by American rapper AG, released in 2010 on Red Apples 45 and Fat Beats.

The album features a more mellow lyrical style than displayed by AG on his work with Showbiz as Showbiz & AG and D.I.T.C.. Due to wanting more laid-back beats, AG entrusted Red Apples founder and producer Ray West to produce the album in its entirety instead of past collaborators because "Ray West is the only one who can do this album". In an interview, AG says that the album features music "more acceptable for everybody" and "is for whoever that likes good music"[1] due to his new nonaggressive style.

Despite not reaching any Billboard charts or achieving much commercial success, the album received positive reviews from critics. 

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by Ray West and AG, except for "YMI Still Here", produced by Ray West and AG, and co-produced by Menocal. All songs written by A. Barnes and R. West.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "NY So Loud" - 1:11
2. "On the Block (3rd Ave Spot)" AG 2:27
3. "Infected Remix" AG 3:06
4. "Xenobia" AG 4:25
5. "Dancin' with a Shifter" AG 2:31
6. "MarcBerri" Roc Marciano 0:55
7. "Party Hard, Hustle Hard" AG, Party Arty 3:41
8. "Berriiville" AG 2:04
9. "Tweet Heart" AG 2:29
10. "Dreams" AG 1:56
11. "I Wanna Chill" AG 2:40
12. "Remand Me on My Stay" AG, 950Plus 2:43
13. "Destroy, Rebuild, Repeat" AG 2:56
14. "No She Didn't" AG 2:08
15. "#%$& the Club" AG 3:01
16. "On the Block (Tremont Spot)" AG, Abdul Jabar 2:37
17. "YMI Still Here" AG 3:05


  • On the vinyl version, Track 12 "Remand Me on My Stay" is replaced by "Busters Trains" featuring Sadat X.

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