Erotic D
Erotic D.jpg

Birth name

D. Gabriel


Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Hip hop


Record producer, rapper, entrepreneur

Years active



E-World (1997-present)

Associated acts

The D.O.C., DFC, Fila Fresh Crew, MC Breed, Twisted Black

D. Gabriel, better known by his stage name Erotic D, is an American record producer and rapper from Fort Worth, Texas. He first came to prominence as a member of the production crew DFW Posse, who produced tracks for the Fila Fresh Crew in 1991. In 1993, Erotic D released the album The Death Penalty as a member of the group Life Afta Death. Erotic D became associated with former Fila Fresh-member The D.O.C., who was also from Texas, and his label Death Row Records. The D.O.C. and Erotic D left the label in 1994, and the two moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Erotic D produced the entirety of The D.O.C.'s second album Helter Skelter in 1996, but the album received negative reviews and was largely ignored. Still in Atlanta, Erotic D produced for MC Breed and his former group DFC in 1997, who were also living in the city at the time. Erotic D moved back to Nort Texas later that year, and founded his label E-World Entertainment. Erotic D teamed up with The D.O.C. again in 2003 to produce tracks for his third album Deuce. In 2007, Erotic D released The Black Bruce Willis, which is his only solo album to date. 

Erotic D continues to make music, and promotes artists through his label E-World. He owns and operates multiple businesses in the North Texas area, and a 2015 interview with the Dallas Observer notes that Erotic D is considering running for city council in his current home of Keller.[1]

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