Episodes of a Hustla
Episodes of a Hustla
Studio album by Big Noyd


16 September 1996




Hip hop




Tommy Boy


After Six Entertainment, Charlemagne, Havoc, Stretch Armstrong

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Episodes of a Hustla is the debut album by American rapper Big Noyd, released in 1996 on Tommy Boy Records. After attracting major label attention with his appearances on the 1995 album The Infamous by Mobb Deep, Big Noyd signed to Tommy Boy and began recording the album that same year. The album is predominantly produced by Havoc, and features several guest appearances from Prodigy.

Episodes of a Hustla was released while Noyd was imprisoned, and did not receive much promotion perhaps as a result. It reached #59 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "It's on You" - Charlemagne 1:28
2. "The Precinct" - - 1:35
3. "Recognize & Realize (Part 1)" Big Noyd, Prodigy Havoc 4:08
4. "All Pro" Big Noyd, Prodigy, Infamous Mobb Havoc 4:16
5. "Infamous Mobb" Big Noyd, Prodigy Havoc 3:19
6. "Interrogation" - - 1:15
7. "Usual Suspect" Big Noyd Havoc 4:19
8. "Episodes of a Hustla" Big Noyd, Prodigy Havoc 4:01
9. "Recognize & Realize (Part 2)" Big Noyd, Mobb Deep Havoc 5:02
10. "I Don't Wanna Love Again" Big Noyd Havoc, After Six Entertainment (remix) 4:41
11. "Usual Suspect (Stretch Armstrong Remix)" Big Noyd, Prodigy Stretch Armstrong 5:00
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