Drain Gang

Also known as

Smög Boys (previously), Gravity Boys, Shield Gang, GTBSG


Stockholm, Sweden


Hip hop, Cloud rap, alternative R&B

Years active




Associated acts

Yung Lean, Furankissu, Yung Gud, Stunna Boy Get Em, Sad Boys, woesum, RipSquad


Drain Gang (also known as Gravity Boys and Shield Gang) is an artistic collective, primarily focusing on music, consisting of Swedish singer/rappers Bladee and Ecco2K, Thai singer/rapper Thaiboy Digital,

and Swedish producers Whitearmor and Yung Sherman. The group is also known for its fashion output, often walking for brands such as ALYX Studio and modeling for HOMME magazine.

The group formed in 2013 in Stockholm. Thaiboy Digital was residing in Sweden at the time. Bladee and Ecco2K had previously collaborated as the grindcore band Krossad. Signing to the YEAR0001 label, the members of Drain Gang gained prominence in the cloud rap scene from their collaborations with label mate Yung Lean. Producer Yung Sherman is also a member of Yung Lean's Sad Boys collective.

In 2015, Thaiboy Digital was deported from Sweden for immigrating illegally. Through the internet, he has managed to continue collaborating with the other members from his new home in Bangkok. He and Bladee released a collaborative EP titled AvP in 2016, which featured production from both Whitearmor and Yung Sherman.

In 2017, Bladee, ECCO2K and Thaiboy Digital released their collaborative album D&G, featuring production from members Whitearmor, Yung Sherman, and frequent collaborators Gud, woesum, and Australian-based collective RipSquad.

In 2019, the group released a collaborative EP titled Trash Island. Whitearmor served as the executive producer, while Ripsquad and German producer Mechatok returned to contribute additional production. The EP was a surprise release, as no announcement was made on YEAR0001's nor the group's various social media.

fo trill im goin 2 DG 2022 world tour

Collaborative Discography

  • 2013: GTBSG Compilation (Drain Gang)
  • 2016: AvP (Bladee & Thaiboy Digital)
  • 2017: D&G (Drain Gang)
  • 2019: Trash Island (Drain Gang)
  • 2022: Crest (Bladee & Ecco2k)
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