Don't Give a Damn
Don't Give a Damn
EP by Street Military




Hip hop


Wild Pitch


Icy Hott, Klondike Kat

Street Military chronology


Another Hit (1992)


Next Episode (1995)

Don't Give a Damn is the third EP by American hip hop group Street Military, released in 1993 on Wild Pitch Records. It is the group's first and only album released on the label, as the rest of their material was released on Beatbox Records. Fellow South Park Coalition member Klondike Kat makes the album's only guest appearance, on the song "Gasta Get Paid".

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Icy Hott, except for "Gasta Get Paid", co-produced by Klondike Kat.

No. Title Time
1. "Tears Came from Making This Dream" 5:11
2. "I Don't Give a Damn" 4:56
3. "Another Hit" 4:41
4. "Street Military (Outro)" 1:37
5. "Don't Play with a Gun" 6:14
6. "Gasta Get Paid" 4:47
7. "Dead in a Year" 5:00
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