Do the Math
Do the Math
Compilation album by Tribal Music Inc.


2 September 1996


1995-1996 at The Pharmacy, The Tree Fort and Swift's Pad (Seattle, Washington)


Hip hop






B-Self, E-Wreck, Infinite, King Otto, Poetry, Samson S, Topspin, Vitamin D

Do the Math is a 1996 compilation album by artists on the Tribal Music Inc. label. Predominantly produced, recorded and mixed by Tribal founder Vitamin D at his studio The Pharmacy, the album features songs performed by Ghetto Chilldren, Sinsemilla, Wordsayer, Phat Mob, Narcotik and Infinite, among others. Although never recognised nationally, it was heavily influential in the Seattle hip hop scene.

As physical copies are very rare, the album is available as a free download on the label's Bandcamp page.[1]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "The Intro" T.H.C. Brown, Green Vitamin D 1:53
2. "Main Attraction" Phat Mob Freeman, Patterson, Preston Vitamin D 4:24
3. "Sho Sum Respect" Sho Nuff Shanks Vitamin D 0:45
4. "Traffic" Sinsemilla Gayle, Kalonji Topspin 4:42
5. "Eye Listen" B-Self Rider B-Self 1:28
6. "Who's Listening" Ghetto Chilldren Brown, Rider Vitamin D 4:23
7. "Earth Girlz R EZ" Chile, Vitamin D Brown, Warren Vitamin D 1:12
8. "The Truth Hurts" Infinite, Los Arellano, Onen Vitamin D, Infinite (co.) 5:18
9. "Interlube" T-Dog, D-Uneek Preston, Randle Topspin 1:29
10. "Intro to N's Don't L" - Brown, Finister Vitamin D 4:30
"N's Dont L" Ghetto Chilldren Brown, Rider
11. "Rap Capsule" The Crew Clockwise Hall King Otto 0:52
12. "Do the Math" Topspin, B-Self, Samson S, Poetry, Vitamin D, H-Bomb, Truth, Shahrazad, Blak, Infinite, E-Wreck Brown, Browne, Freeman, Gayle, Kalonji, Onen, Owens, Patterson, Rider, Spears, Washington Vitamin D, Infinite (co.), E-Wreck (co.) 6:09
13. "Interlucifer" Infinite, C-Note - Topspin 1:42
14. "What's It Worth" Union of Opposites Browne, Navarro, Shanks Truth, Vitamin D 3:36
15. "Wrong Number" Phat Mob Freeman, Patterson, Preston Poetry, Vitamin D 4:27
16. "Soldier Intro" Rob Brewer, Samson S - - 0:24
17. "Soldier" Samson S, H-Bomb Kalonji, Spears Samson S, Swift (co.) 4:21
18. "Temporary Insanity" T.H.C. Green Vitamin D 1:51
19. "Game of Checkers" Narcotik Gamble, Randle Vitamin D 6:38
20. "Game Show" Shahrazad Owens Shahrazad 3:53
21. "The Shining" Wordsayer, Blah Moore, Williams Vitamin D 0:53
22. "Schoolin' Em" Infinite Onen Vitamin D 3:46
23. "Sinsebility" H-Bomb Kalonji Topspin 1:23
24. "Equilibrium" Ghetto Chilldren Brown, Rider Vitamin D 3:46


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