Dirty rap

Stylistic origins

Hip hop, adult music, hardcore hip hop, new jack swing, Miami bass

Cultural origins

United States

Notable artists

2 Live Crew, Kool Keith, Poison Clan, Too $hort

Dirty rap, also known as porno rapporn rapsex rap or pornocore, is a subgenre of hip hop music that contains lyrical content revolving mainly around sexually suggestive subjects.

The lyrics are overtly explicit and graphic, often to the point of either cartoonish or extreme offensiveness. Historically, dirty rap often contained a distinctly bass-driven sound, which arose from the popular Miami bass scene. However, dirty rap has recently been heavily influenced by Baltimore club, ghetto house and ghettotech. Many dirty rap songs have been used as soundtracks to pornographic movies in the 2000s, replacing the traditional porn groove.

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