Daddy's Home
Daddy's Home
Studio album by Big Daddy Kane


13 September 1994




Hip hop, East Coast hip hop






Big Daddy Kane, Crush, DJ Premier, Easy Mo Bee, Andre "Big Fish" Fischer (exec.), Kool Tee, L.G., Da Rock, Ernie Singleton (exec.)

Big Daddy Kane chronology


Looks Like a Job For... (1993)


Veteranz Day (1998)

Daddy's Home is the sixth studio album by American rapper Big Daddy Kane, released in 1994 on MCA Records. It is Big Daddy Kane's first album to not be released on Cold Chillin' Records, and is his only album released on MCA. Like his previous album Looks Like a Job For...Daddy's Home was generally well-received, but lacked in sales. Despite the album's positive reviews, it prompted a large drop in Kane's commercial popularity, and produced no crossover hit singles.

The album features the DJ Premier-produced posse cut "Show & Prove" featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard, Shyheim, Sauce Money and a then-unknown Jay-Z, who, at the time, was Kane's protégé. Kane's longtime producer Easy Mo Bee produced three songs on Daddy's Home, but provided a fourth beat that was rejected by Kane. Easy Mo Bee ended up giving the beat to The Notorious B.I.G., who used it for the song "Warning" from his album Ready to Die.

Following the release of Daddy's Home, Kane took a four-year hiatus from recording albums, returning in 1998 with his so-far final album Veteranz Day.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Daddy's Home" Big Daddy Kane L.G. 3:05
2. "Brooklyn Style...Laid Out" Big Daddy Kane, Big Scoob Easy Mo Bee 3:56
3. "In the PJ's" Big Daddy Kane, Big Scoob Big Daddy Kane 4:06
4. "Show & Prove" Big Daddy Kane, Big Scoob, Shyheim, Sauce Money, Jay-Z, Ol' Dirty Bastard DJ Premier 5:47
5. "Lyrical Gymnastics" Big Daddy Kane L.G. 3:55
6. "That's How I Did 'Em" Big Daddy Kane Easy Mo Bee 3:24
7. "Sex According to the Prince of Darkness" Big Daddy Kane Da Rock 3:44
8. "3 Forties and a Bottle of Most" Big Daddy Kane Big Daddy Kane 1:39
9. "The Way Its Goin' Down" Big Daddy Kane Easy Mo Bee 4:01
10. "Somebody's Been Sleeping in My Bed" Big Daddy Kane Big Daddy Kane 3:19
11. "W.G.O.N.R.S." Big Daddy Kane, Easy Dred, Junior P Big Daddy Kane 4:37
12. "Let Yourself Go" Big Daddy Kane Crush, Kool Tee 4:09
13. "Don't Do It to Yourself" Big Daddy Kane, Big Scoob Big Daddy Kane 4:51
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