Da Youngsta's
Da Youngsta's.jpg

Also known as

ILLY Funkstaz


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop

Years active



EastWest (1991-1994)
Atlantic (1994)
Pop Art (1995-1996)

Associated acts

Steady B, Treach

Past members

  • Q-Ball
  • Reek Geez
  • Taj Mahal

Da Youngsta's was an American hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group consisted of brothers Taji "Taj Mahal" Goodman and Qu'ran "Q-Ball" Goodman, and their cousin Tarik "Reek Geez" Dawson. The three were aged thirteen to fifteen when the group was established in 1991 as a project by producer Lawrence Goodman, who was the father of the Goodman brothers.

Da Youngsta's released four albums in four years, experiencing its greatest success with 1993's The Aftermath. The group broke up in 2001.


Studio albums

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