Michael Keith Alexander II, known professionally as Da Soldier, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Alexander, born April 14, 2001, (age 19) began calling himself Da Soldier when military recruiters were trying to recruit him after finding out that he wasn’t going to attend college. He released his first song "Scars" on July 26, 2019. Then proceeded to release 2 more singles, Cake Up & Old news, within the following weeks. On September 27, 2019 Da Soldier released his debut EP "Roots". Da Soldier then began to release music with childhood friend Alonely. Their first collaboration "Finer Things" hit stores November 29, 2019. He and Alonely would then drop their debut album “Save Da World” in the early stages of 2020.

Early Life Edit

Michael Alexander II was born in Atlanta, Georgia. His father gained custody of him when he was only three years old. He is one of eleven siblings. While he had a lot of siblings, majority of his life was just him and his father. Growing up Michael would often move from place to place.

Michael grew up on west side of Atlanta for the early stages of his life. He later moved to Riverdale, Georgia in 2006. He attended Martin Luther King Jr. elementary from kindergarten until the 3rd grade. In September of 2009 he moved to Stone Mountain, Georgia for three months where he would attend Redan Elementary. He would then move to Forest Park, Georgia for the next 4 years and would attend W.A. Fountain elementary. In late 2012, he lost his aunt to an illness. With his aunt being one of the closest people to Michael, this was a major impact in his life while only being eleven years old at the time. A few months later, Michael and his father were living with his grandmother in East Point, Georgia for about a year. Him and his father would then move in with his older sister. After about a year his father moved down to Orlando, Florida where Michael would join him two years later. While in Florida, 2017-2019, Michael would attend Edgewater High School and began to play football to stay out of academic trouble. After debating on going to college or making music, Michael finally made his decision to make music and moved back Atlanta in May of 2019.

Career Edit


Shortly after moving back to Atlanta, Alexander released his first song Scars on July 26, 2019. In the following couple of months he released two more singles, Cake Up & Old News. Alexander released his debut EP Roots on September 27, 2019. Which included songs like Know Me Better & Love Me Now And Hate Me Later. Alexander released his very first debut album Save Da World with close friend and fellow artist, Alonely. The album included ten songs with hit songs such as Bang Out, My Year, Finer Things, and many more. In March of 2018, Alexander released his break out song Wrong which is currently one of his most popular song to date.

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