Da Bulldogs
Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs

Also known as

Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs


Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Hip hop

Years active



Mercury, Bulldogs

Past members

  • Black
  • Shawn Booker
  • Bruzer
  • Bulletproof Brett
  • DJ Cruz
  • Dream Nefra
  • Ed O.G
  • Lorenzo
  • Mo
  • Money 1
  • Muff K. Diamond
  • Slim Dog
  • Smooth Ice Gee
  • T-Nyne
  • Tyrone

Da Bulldogs, formerly united as Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs, was an American hip hop group from Boston, Massachusetts. Although their first two albums were credited to the group, Ed O.G was the only member to perform on them. The group was signed to Mercury Records until 1993, at which point the members pursued separate music careers, although they reunited in 2003, with the exception of Ed O.G, for the album Almost Famous.


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