Da Beatminerz
Da Beatminerz.jpg


Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York, United States


Hip hop

Years active



Rawkus, Copter, Raw Deal

Associated acts

Black Moon, Boot Camp Clik, Buckshot, Smif-n-Wessun


  • DJ Evil Dee
  • Mr. Walt

Past members

  • Baby Paul
  • Chocolate Ty
  • Rich Blak

Da Beatminerz are a hip hop production crew from Bushwick, Brooklyn. They are well known for their dark gritty sound that is very popular with the East Coast underground hip hop scene. The crew, originally composed of brother Mr. Walt and DJ Evil Dee, formed in 1992, making their production debut with Evil Dee's group Black Moon on their single "Who Got da Props?". The duo produced the entirety of Black Moon's acclaimed debut album, Enta da Stage, in 1993, then continued producing songs for Black Moon's frontman Buckshot and his crew Boot Camp Clik. In 1995, along with its third official member, Baby Paul, Da Beatminerz produced the entirety of Smif-n-Wessun's debut album, Dah Shinin'. The group continued work with fellow Boot Camp mmebers Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C. in 1996, contributing numerous beats for their respective debuts, Nocturnal and Da Storm. In the late 1990s, Da Beatminerz expanded its client list, producing popular hip hop artists such as Afu-Ra, Black Star, De La Soul, Eminem, Flipmode Squad, M.O.P., O.C., and Mic Geronimo.

By 2001, the crew expanded to five members, with producers Rich Blak and Chocolate Ty joining Baby Paul, Evil Dee and Mr. Walt. That year, the group released its debut album, Brace 4 Impak, on popular independent label Rawkus Records, featuring guest appearances from a number of well-known hip hop rappers. By 2004, the crew narrowed back to its original members, Evil Dee and Mr. Walt, and the duo released its second album, Fully Loaded w/ Statik, on Copter Records. Currently, Da Beatminerz are running their own internet radio station. They are set to produce the entirety of Black Moon's next LP, Dark Side of the Moon.

Discography[edit | edit source]

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