DJ Mike Smooth
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New York City, New York, U.S.


Hip hop


DJ, record producer

Years active



Wild Pitch Records (1989-1990)

Associated acts

Lord Finesse, Shorty Long

DJ Mike Smooth is an American DJ and record producer from New York City, New York. He is best known for being the first DJ for rapper Lord Finesse, with whom he released the album Funky Technician in 1990. In addition to performing scratches on the album, he produced the song "Slave to My Soundwave". Lord Finesse embarked on a solo career following the album, but Mike Smooth still served as his DJ for his 1992 sophomore album Return of the Funky Man.

In 1996, Mike Smooth reemerged as a producer, working on two songs for Shorty Long's single "You Know It's Good Baby". A collection of Long's unreleased material, featuring two additional songs produced by Mike Smooth, was released as The South Boogie EP in 2008.

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