DJ Lord
DJ Lord performing with Public Enemy in 2014

Birth name

Lord Aswod

Also known as

Mista Lord


March 11, 1975 (age 44)
Savannah, Georgia, U.S.


Hip hop, Drum and bass, Electro, Dubstep, House music


DJ, Turntablism

Years active


Associated acts

Public Enemy, Confrontation Camp, Prophets of Rage

DJ Lord (born Lord Aswod on March 11, 1975 in Savannah, Georgia, United States), is an American DJ and turntablist. In 1998, DJ Lord joined the hip hop group Public Enemy on its 40th World Tour replacing Terminator X after his retirement from the Public Enemy group in late 1998. Soon after, DJ Lord had his own performance segment within the Public Enemy show. While hip hop has been at the foundation of his career, he also works in the drum and bass arena. His career and the art of turntablism is documented in the DVD, DJ Lord - The Turntablist Chronicles, released in 2004.

In addition to working with Public Enemy, DJ Lord tours solo as well as with Flavor Flav in his solo effort as well as with art exhibition Arts, Beats + Lyrics. He has also performed with rock band Confrontation Camp and TrillBass. In December 2014 he released his first solo album with 2MP (2 Much Posse) entitled “Eat The Rat” on Spit Digital.

DJ Lord is also a member of Prophets of Rage.

DJ Lord performed with Cypress Hill on their West Coast High Tour in Portland, Oregon in March 2019, and also performed a solo DJ set there before the other Cypress Hill members came to the stage.

Battle career highlights Edit

  • 2004 – DMC U.S. Finalist
  • 2004 – DMC Cincinnati Regional Heat Champion
  • 2004 – Numark/Guitar Center Southeast Champion
  • 2004 – KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion
  • 2003 – KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion
  • 2003 – Breaklanta 3 Battle Champion
  • 2002 – Breaklanta 1 Battle Champion
  • 2002 – Pioneer/Promo Only CDJ1000 CD Turntable Champion
  • 2001 – DMC U.S. Finalist
  • 2001 – DMC Phoenix Arizona Regional Champion
  • 2001 – Guitar Center/Stanton Southeast Battle Champion
  • 2000 – Guitar Center/Vestax Southeast Battle Champion
  • 2000 – KoolMixx Atlanta Battle Champion
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