Criminal Minded
Criminal Minded
Studio album by Boogie Down Productions


3 March 1987




Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, hardcore hip hop






Ced Gee, KRS-One, Scott La Rock

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Criminal Minded is the debut album by American hip hop group Boogie Down Productions, released in 1987 on B-Boy Records. Considered a highly influential hip hop album, it is also credited with providing a prototype for the East Coast gangsta rap which emerged in the following few years. The album's samples and direct influences were unusual for hip hop music at the time, ranging from liberal use of dancehall reggae to rock music artists such as AC/DC, The Beatles and Billy Joel.

The songs "South Bronx" and "The Bridge Is Over" ignited the rivalry with the Queens-bred MC Shan and his group, the Juice Crew. These songs and others on the album spoke of the role the South Bronx area of New York City played in hip hop's early history. Other songs on the album tell streetwise stories of the evils of drugs and prostitution.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by L. Parker and S. Sterling. All songs produced by KRS-One and Scott La Rock, with assistance from Ced Gee. Contains 3 Singles:

  1. "South Bronx"; Released: 1986
  2. "The Bridge Is Over"; Released: March 3, 1987
  3. "Super-Hoe"; Released: March 3, 1987
No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Poetry" KRS-One 5:01
2. "South Bronx" KRS-One 5:10
3. "9mm Goes Bang" KRS-One, Scott La Rock 4:19
4. "Word from Our Sponsor" KRS-One 3:52
5. "Elementary" KRS-One 4:07
6. "Dope Beat" KRS-One, Scott La Rock 5:12
7. "Remix for P Is Free" KRS-One 4:20
8. "The Bridge Is Over" KRS-One 3:26
9. "Super-Hoe" KRS-One 5:30
10. "Criminal Minded" KRS-One 5:17
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