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Not to be confused with Coolio.

Coolio da Unda Dogg
Coolio da Unda Dogg.jpg

Birth name

Troy Deon Reddick

Also known as

Da' Unda' Dogg


October 1, 1972 (1972-10-01) (age 49)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.


Vallejo, California, U.S.


Hip hop


Rapper, record producer

Years active



Cavvy R. Records (1997-present)
Sumo Records (1998)
H-Squad Entertainment (2005)
Third Circle Entertainment (2009)
Pushin Dope Productions (2015)

Associated acts

Collarossi, Mac Dre

Troy Deon Reddick (born October 1, 1972), better known by his stage names Coolio da Unda Dogg and Da' Unda' Dogg, is an American rapper and record producer from Vallejo, California. He was born in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts but moved to Vallejo in his early teenage years. Reddick was an early affiliate of Mac Dre, and collaborated together frequently until Mac Dre's passing in 2004. Reddick was arrested with Mac Dre in 1992 for conspiracy to commit bank robbery and was imprisoned until 1996. Since 1997, Reddick has released the majority of his material independently on his label Cavvy R. Records.


Studio albums[]

  • 1997: Fresh Out da' Gatez: The Autobiography
  • 1998: Steady Smashin
  • 1999: Desolate Vol. 1
  • 2005: Street Music: Fellowship of the Streets - The Trilogy Part I
  • 2005: Suicide Bomber: The Two Bridges - The Trilogy Part II
  • 2009: Monkey Hustle: Return of the King - Part III of the Trilogy
  • 2015: The Ghost of the Hustlers Past


  • 1991: Jackin'

Collaborative albums[]

  • 2017: Something Stupid Special (with Collarossi)