Convicts album
Studio album by Convicts


July 9, 1991


Hip hop, gangsta rap




John Bido, Doug King, Prince Johnny C, Simon, James Smith

Convicts is the debut and only studio album by American hip hop group Convicts, released in 1991 on Rap-A-Lot Records. The album features guest appearances from labelmates Geto Boys and Choice. "This Is for the Convicts" was the album's only single.

Though repressed in 1995, the album is extremely rare and sells for high prices.


Produced by Doug King, James Smith, John Bido, Johnny C, and Simon.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Free World" 3-2, Big Mike 4:23
2. "Peter Man" 3-2, Big Mike 6:46
3. "This Is for the Convicts" 3-2, Big Mike 3:47
4. "Fuck School" 3-2, Big Mike 4:22
5. "Penitentiary Blues" 3-2, Big Mike 5:02
6. "1-900-Dial-a-Crook" 3-2, Big Mike, Geto Boys 7:06
7. "Whoop Her Ass" 3-2, Big Mike, Choice 4:35
8. "I Ain't Goin' Back" 3-2, Big Mike 4:10
9. "I Love Bonin'" 3-2, Big Mike 4:24
10. "DOA" 3-2, Big Mike 4:01
11. "Wash Your Ass" 3-2, Big Mike 3:27
12. "Illegal Aliens" 3-2, Big Mike 6:22
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