Studio album by 20-2-Life




Hip hop


Inmate Records


20-2-Life, Black (exec.), Kenneth Blackmon (exec.), Byrd, C-Loc, Happy Perez, JB Money

20-2-Life chronology


Twenty-Two-Life (1996)


Don't Hustle Don't Eat (2000)

Confessions (stylised as "Confessions") is the third studio album by American hip hop duo 20-2-Life, released in 1998 on Inmate Records. It features guest appearances by Klondike Kat, Lil Keke, PSK-13, Point Blank, and D of Trinity Garden Cartel, amongst others.

Track listingEdit

Produced by Byrd, Happy Erez & JB Money, and co-produced by 20-2-Life & C-Loc.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Ya Heard Me" Black, Killa Hoe, C-Loc, Youngbleed 6:15
2. "Do You Know" Black, Killa Hoe 5:41
3. "Watchin Me" Black, Killa Hoe, Klondike Kat 5:48
4. "Bang & Tint" Black, Killa Hoe, Lil Keke 5:44
5. "Momma" Black, Killa Hoe, Ronnie Spencer 5:42
6. "My Testimony" Black, Killa Hoe, Shorty 4:42
7. "Penitentiary Chances" Black, Killa Hoe 4:25
8. "Me & My Bitch" Black, Killa Hoe, 2-Def 5:08
9. "The World Goes" Black, Killa Hoe, Ronnie Spencer 6:05
10. "Confessions" Black, Killa Hoe 5:02
11. "Afta the Club" Black, Killa Hoe, Ronnie Spencer 5:17
12. "Get Down" Black, Killa Hoe, 2-Def 3:12
13. "Ballayin" Black, Killa Hoe, PSK-13 3:54
14. "Outta Sight Outta Mind" Black, Killa Hoe, C-Note, PSK-13, Point Blank, D of TGC 5:29
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