Coast II Coast
Coast II Coast
Studio album by Tha Alkaholiks


14 February 1995


1994 at Yo Mammas House (Los Angeles, CA)


Hip hop






Tha Alkaholiks (also exec.), Diamond D, E-Swift, Madlib

Tha Alkaholiks chronology


21 & Over (1993)


Likwidation (1997)

Coast II Coast is the second album by American hip hop trio Tha Alkaholiks, released in 1995 on Loud Records. It features guest appearances from Xzibit, Diamond D, Lootpack and Q-Tip, and production by Tha Alkaholiks, Madlib and Diamond D. The album's title refers to Tha Alkaholiks, who are from Los Angeles, working with New York artists, making them one of the first West Coast hip hop artists to work with their East Coast counterparts.

The album peaked at #50 on the Billboard 200, and #12 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It received positive reviews. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "WLIX" J-Ro, Tash, Declaime, Lootpack Brooks, Brown, Jackson, Perkins, Robinson, Smith Madlib, Tha Alkaholiks (co.) 4:39
2. "Read My Lips" Tash, J-Ro, E-Swift Brooks, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 3:11
3. "Let It Out" Tash, J-Ro, E-Swift Brooks, Kirkland, Robinson, Smith Diamond D 4:40
4. "21 and Under" Tash, J-Ro Brooks, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 3:31
5. "All the Way Live" Tash, J-Ro, Q-Tip, King Tee Davis, McBridge, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 4:22
6. "Hit and Run" J-Ro, E-Swift, Xzibit Brooks, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 4:55
7. "DAAAM!" E-Swift, Tash, J-Ro Brooks, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 4:46
8. "2014" J-Ro Brooks, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 3:11
9. "Bottoms Up" Tash, J-Ro, King Tee Brooks, McBride, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 4:05
10. "Flashback" Tash, J-Ro, E-Swift, The Baby Bubbas Brooks, Robinson, Smith E-Swift 4:48
11. "The Next Level" J-Ro, Tash, E-Swift, Diamond D Brooks, Kirkland, Robinson, Smith Diamond D, E-Swift (add.) 4:44


  • Track 7 features bass performed by Les July.
  • Track 11 features background vocals performed by Lil' Ro.
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