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Classic Elements




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Bitzo One, D-Verbalist, DJ Sayeed, Jaleel, Mathematic, Mr. Supreme, Negus 1, Shaggy c, Topspin, Vitamin D, Brian Weber

Classic Elements is a compilation album, released in 1998 on K. The album consists of songs by artists from the Seattle-Tacoma area, including Source of Labor, Sinsemilla and Silas Blak, amongst others. It features the last commercially released song by influential Seattle duo Ghetto Chilldren, who open the album with "Hip Hop Was?". Nearly half of artists featured on the album never released any additional material.

A review by Randy Silver, in one of the only professional reviews of the album, stated that "while the album is a showcase for a few genuine talents (producer DJ Sayeed, Ghetto Chilldren and Source of Labor primary among them), the majority of the album features MCs that are not yet ready for prime time."[1]

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Hip Hop Was?" Ghetto Chilldren Vitamin D 5:33
2. "I Call It Like I See It" Jaleel Jaleel, Brian Weber 4:12
3. "Konfessions" Troubled Sums Bitzo One 3:17
4. "Aunt Anna" Source of Labor, Beyond Reality Negus 1 5:18
5. "Novus Ordo Seclorum" Soulstice DJ Sayeed 4:45
6. "Back Home" Arson Brian Weber 4:13
7. "Sleep" Sinsemilla Topspin 5:15
8. "A.N.I.T.A." Nobody Brian Weber 6:12
9. "Black -n- Blind" Bedroom Productions, Blak DJ Sayeed 4:07
10. "Paradox (RMX)" 5E Bitzo One 4:29
11. "From Bullets to Poetics" Ski Shaggy C 4:52
12. "A Little Better" Tilson Mathematic 3:58
13. "Third Eye" Black Anger DJ Sayeed 5:19
14. "What's Ya Definition" Jace Mr. Supreme 3:42
15. "Only When I'm High" Blak Topspin 3:41
16. "Sadistic Flow" Nomad D-Verbalist 4:55


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