Civic Minded
One Way - Civic Minded
Studio album by One Way






Hip hop


Illadelph Records

Civic Minded is the debut album by American hip hop group One Way, released in 2000 on Illadelph Records. This album mainly has previously released tracks on it from other releases on the label. Multiple artists are featured on this album, including Philly native and legend Rahsheed. The album achieved no commercial or critical success. It had no music videos or promotional material.


  1. The On Ramp
  2. Puffed Heads
  3. No Ones Better Than You feat. Singing Melody
  4. 4 All Ya'll
  5. Drama Feat. Rahsheed
  6. Been Here Stayin' feat. Metaphor
  7. Spring 97' Demo, Car Jacked
  8. Get Over It
  9. On da Luv
  10. Rappin Is an Art
  11. Live Trafic Report
  12. Top Notch "Remix"
  13. Fire Lane feat. DJ Ran
  14. Thru Traffic
  15. Drama Remix feat. Rahsheed
  16. Industry Didactics
  17. Off Ramp Exit B Spring 97' Demo Cul-De-Sec
  18. Top Notch
  19. Unique Ultraistic Phenomenon
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