Chopper City
Chopper City
Studio album by B.G.


23 November 1996




Hip hop, Southern hip hop, gangsta rap


Cash Money Records


Mannie Fresh, Bryan Williams (exec.), Ronald Williams (exec.)

B.G. chronology


It's All on U (1997)

Chopper City is the debut studio album by American rapper B.G., released in 1996 on Cash Money Records. It is B.G.'s first solo release, after previously releasing the album True Story as a member of the duo B.G.'z alongside Lil Wayne in 1995. Chopper City is credited to "The BGs", but Lil Wayne makes no contribution and B.G. is the sole lead artist. The album features guest appearances from Bun B, Big Tymers, Juvenile and Mac, amongst others. Mannie Fresh produced the album in its entirety.

Chopper City failed to reach any US Billboard charts, but sold over 100,000 copies, primarily in B.G.'s hometown of New Orleans. The album was repressed in 1999 by Universal Records.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Mannie Fresh.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "187.9 FM" Big Tymers 1:37
2. "All on U" B.G. 4:49
3. "Uptown Thang (Wait'n on Your Picture)" B.G. 3:48
4. "Niggas Don't Understand" B.G., Big Tymers 3:34
5. "Ziggly Wiggly (Toilet Paper)" - 0:55
6. "Retaliation" B.G., Juvenile, Ms. Tee, Bun B 6:06
7. "Niggas 'n' Trouble" B.G., Mac 4:53
8. "Bat a Bitch" B.G., Big Tymers 4:48
9. "Wheel Chairs" B.G., Big Tymers, Ms. Tee 4:28
10. "Order 20 Keys" B.G. 4:55
11. "Play'n & Laugh'n" B.G., Mannie Fresh 4:36
12. "Doing Bad" B.G. 3:53
13. "So Much Death" B.G., Keisha 3:48
14. "Represent" B.G. 5:04
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