California Livin'
California Livin'
EP by Mac Dre




Hip hop


Strictly Business Records


Khayree (also exec.), Mac Dre, Rick Nelson (exec.), Renald Powers (exec.)

Mac Dre chronology


Young Black Brotha (1989)


What's Really Going On? (1992)

California Livin' is the second EP by American rapper Mac Dre, released in 1991 on Strictly Business Records. Like its predecessor, the album was entirely produced by Khayree and performed by Mac Dre. It was released on vinyl and cassette.

A remixed version of the title track, featuring Coolio da Unda Dogg, appeared on Mac Dre's next release, What's Really Going On?, the following year. Two of the album's songs - "Da Gift to Gab" and "A Piece from Khayree" - were featured on Mac Dre's 1993 debut studio album, Young Black Brotha: The Album.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by Mac Dre. All songs produced by Khayree and co-produced by Mac Dre.

Vinyl releaseEdit

No. Title Time
1. "California Livin' (Radio & Club)"
2. "California Livin' (Instrumental)" 5:05
3. "Times R Gettin Crazy (Radio)"
4. "Da Gift to Gab" 5:33
5. "A Peace from Khayree" 2:50

Cassette releaseEdit

No. Title Time
1. "California Livin'" 4:50
2. "Da Gift to Gab" 5:33
3. "Times R Gettin Crazy" 5:50
4. "California Livin' (Instrumental)" 5:05
5. "A Piece from Khayree" 2:50
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