Brown Study
Brown Study
Studio album by Boog Brown & Apollo Brown


Sepetember 2010


Hip hop


Mello Music Group


Apollo Brown

Boog Brown chronology


The Late Bloom (2013)

Apollo Brown chronology


The Reset (2010)


Clouds (2011)

Brown Study is an album by American rapper Boog Brown and record producer Apollo Brown, released in 2010 on Mello Music Group. Both artists are from Detroit, Michigan. It is Boog Brown's debut release, while it is Apollo Brown's second release after his 2010 debut The Reset

A remixed version of the album, The Brown Study Remixes, was released in 2011.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Apollo Brown.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Marinate" Boog Brown 1:18
2. "Master Plan" Boog Brown 4:20
3. "Friction" Boog Brown, Invincible, Miz Korona 3:41
4. "Just Be" Boog Brown 3:29
5. "My Love" Boog Brown, Poodie the Byz 3:21
6. "Friends Like These" Boog Brown, Kam Moye 3:03
7. "Carpe Diem" Boog Brown 3:41
8. "Shine" Boog Brown 2:59
9. "Blink" Boog Brown 4:05
10. "Play the Game" Boog Brown, Kenn Starr 3:49
11. "U.P.S." Boog Brown 2:57
12. "Understanding" Boog Brown 3:54
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