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Bloods & Crips
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Los Angeles, California, U.S.


Hip hop, Gangsta rap, G-funk, West Coast hip hop

Years active



Warlock, Dangerous

Associated acts

Damu Ridas, DJ Battlecat, Nationwide Rip Ridaz, Tweedy Bird Loc, Young Soldierz

Past members

The Bloods & Crips was a musical collaboration between members of the Bloods & Crips gangs formed by Tweedy Bird Loc, Redrum 781 and Ronnie M. Phillips in 1992. Actual gang members in the Crips from Compton, Watts and Long Beach, and Bloods from Inglewood and Los Angeles, auditioned for the group with the best ones chosen for the album. The idea behind the albums was to get the gang members to bang (slang for fight) on wax (record) and not in the streets. Each record consisted of a "B" side and a "C" side, with the B side for the Bloods and the C side for the Crips. The song "Bangin' on Wax" was the only song where the Bloods & Crips rapped together in the original album. Most of the songs were written and recorded in the same studio session.

In 1993 the Bloods & Crips released their debut album entitled Bangin' on Wax through Warlock Records. One year later, the groups second and final studio album, Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues was released. After Bangin' on Wax 2, was released, the Bloods & Crips parted ways, with the Bloods becoming the Damu Ridas and the Crips becoming the Nationwide Rip Ridaz.