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Black Kray

Birth name

Rari Oneal

Also known as

SICKBOIRARI, 40K Elsa, Black Kreay, Black KRVY, Icedotuzi, Ferrari Kray, Baby Moet, Foreighn Jetski, Lil Shye, SickBoyRari Gvcci Kray La Goth, 400 Dagree GothBwoi, Cellphone Prince


February 23, 1994


Richmond, Virginia, United States


Hip hop, Trap, Cloud rap, Emo rap, Tread, Whitchhouse,


Rapper, Producer, Film Director

Years active



Break World Records

Associated acts

Goth Money Records, Kane Grocerys, Working On Dying, SpaceGhostPurpp, CHXPO, Bladee, Lil Yachty,Yung Lean


Goth Money Records (2012-present)

Rari Oneal (born February 23, 1994), better know by his stage name Black Kray (aka SickboyRari), is an American rapper, producer, film director, and the founding member of the collective Goth Money Records. Kray is from Richmond, Virginia, in a place he calls the “Dirt Road”, and is often in Los Angeles.

Kray began rapping in his teenage years, meeting his future Goth Money Records members via the internet in roughly 2012. He has his own extensive solo discography separate from Goth Money, however. Kray is also a frequent collaborator, creating tracks with artists/producers such as SpaceGhostPurrp, CHXPO, Working On Dying, Bladee and many more.

Kray is one of the most unique artists born from the internet rap culture, drawing heavy influence from artists such as Lil B. His mannerisms and style made him a pioneer in the cloud rap subgenre, and has also been at the forefront of the tread subgenre. His signature delivery is often very slurred or nearly unintelligible, sometimes reaching a sing-song tone.


  • 2011: Ain't Shit
  • 2011: Vrt Mxney N $lvt$
  • 2012: Coc4ine & Icecre4m 2048
  • 2012: Twerkin 10 Cellphone$
  • 2012: TR4P4RT
  • 2012: Black Art Goon$ (with MFK Marcy Mane)
  • 2012: Crack Cloud$ Over Arts Kitchen
  • 2012: 1 PHONE 10 BEEPAH$$
  • 2013: Ice Cream & Mac10s
  • 2013: Back To The Wi✞chhouse (with Jayyeah)
  • 2014: Goth Luv
  • 2014: City Of Doves
  • 2014: 700 Dagreez
  • 2015: Black Kray x Blizzed Out (with Blizzed Out)
  • 2015: Thug Angel
  • 2015: Still Struglin' Still Shinin'
  • 2015: Shitty Sickboy
  • 2016: Soulja Luv Rari World
  • 2016: Nitemare On Elm Street
  • 2016: Working Out Da Mud
  • 2016: Sad Boy
  • 2017: 4000 Dagreez
  • 2018: Depressed Shooter (with FHN Mook)
  • 2018: Legendary (with Pepperboy)
  • 2018: BLOODRAIN
  • 2019: Tales From The 4 (with Hunned Mill)
  • 2019: EURO GLIME
  • 2020: Bright (with Bootychaaain)
  • 2020: NOKIA TALK 2002
  • 2021: When Doves Fly (with FHN Mook)
  • 2021: Chain Gang Halo World