Bigtyme Vol. I - Still Afloat
Bigtyme Vol. I - Still Afloat
Compilation album by Bigtyme Recordz




Hip hop



Bigtyme Vol. I - Still Afloat is a compilation album, released in 1994 on Bigtyme Recordz. It features songs by artists signed to the label, including UGK, 20-2-Life, PSK-13 and Point Blank. The album is a mix of new material and previously released songs. It also features the only solo song released by .38, who was murdered before the album was released as it is dedicated to him. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Back Streets" 20-2-Life, PSK-13 5:53
2. "Pregnant Pussy" U.G.K. 5:19
3. "Smooth with the Roughness" Smooth Execution 4:22
4. "Officer Down" PSK-13, Point Blank 4:09
5. "This Grudge Is Forever" Point Blank 4:51
6. "I Wanna Fuck" .38 2:48
7. "First Night of Slinging" Ice Lord 3:58
8. "Inside Looking Out" 20-2-Life 5:01
9. "Ain't Nothing Change but the Clip" PSK-13 4:54
10. "Bitch Said I Raped Her" Point Blank 3:50
11. "Bigtyme" PSK-13, Ice Lord, Point Blank 4:37


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