Bigger and Deffer
Bigger and Deffer
Studio album by LL Cool J


11 June 1987


1986-1987 at Chung King House of Metal (NYC)


Hip hop




Def Jam, Columbia, CBS


L.A. Posse, LL Cool J

LL Cool J chronology


Radio (1985)


Walking with a Panther (1989)

Bigger and Deffer is the second studio album by American rapper LL Cool J, released in 1987 on Def Jam Recordings. It is remembered most for containing the first commercially successful "rap ballad", "I Need Love". It also contains the singles "Go Cut Creator Go", a homage to his DJ, and "I'm Bad". The front cover photograph was taken in front of Andrew Jackson High School in Queens, the school that LL Cool J attended before dropping out, and the back cover photograph was taken in his grandmother's basement where he was living at the time.

The album peaked at #3 on the Billboard 200, and #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It has sold over three million copies alone, and stands as LL Cool J's best-selling album.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by LL Cool J. All songs produced by LL Cool J and The L.A. Posse (Darryl Pierce, Dwayne Simon, Bobby Erving and Mark Jordan).

No. Title Writer(s) Time
1. "I'm Bad" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 4:39
2. "Kanday" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 3:59
3. "Get Down" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 3:23
4. "The Bristol Hotel" Jordan, Pierce, Simon, Smith 2:43
5. "My Rhyme Ain't Done" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 3:45
6. ".357 - Break It Down" Jordan, Pierce, Simon, Smith 4:05
7. "Go Cut Creator Go" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 3:57
8. "The Breakthrough" Ett, Smith 4:04
9. "I Need Love" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 5:23
10. "Ahh, Let's Get Ill" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 3:49
11. "The Do Wop" Erving, Pierce, Simon, Smith 4:59
12. "On the Ill Tip" Smith 0:31
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