About Big T Evans

Tavier Isaiah Evans, known to the rap community as Big T Evans is a upcoming Rapper and YouTuber. He made his debut singles 'Dead Ni**as' and 'Dead In Yo Caddy'. Dead In Yo Caddy was released to all streaming platforms while Dead Ni**as was released to his Vevo channel. Big T just released his debut album, "The Life of Tavier Big T Evans", or TLOTBTE for short on July 2, 2020. 


Before Big T Evans decided to get into the rap game, he was (and still is) a YouTuber. He was on YouTube for three times with the same amount of subscribers. (26) He made a total of 10 videos his first time, a total of 13 videos his second time, and now with a total of 10 videos this time around. He cleared his channel the first time due to a unknown speculation. The second time he had to delete his whole channel because of a video that almost went viral also could have costed him his freedom, as he says. Note he was only 13 at the time. As of his third time (present time), he has been able to maintain a healthy upcoming channel. He releases his music on there, and on his Vevo channel. He posts on his channels when he can.


There is not much of a story why Big T got into rap, but he tells people he started rapping because he wanted something to do, but he really wants to tell some of his story in his music. As you know, Big T Evans released 'Dead Ni**as to SoundCloud, BandLab, YouTube, and Vevo. He released 'Dead In Yo Caddy' to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and more. He sets these as his debut singles. Dead In Yo Caddy is much more of a debut single because is was released to more platforms. He also starts rapping because he wants to let out some of his anger, which is what most rappers end up doing. This wraps up Big T Evans' rap debut.



Big T Evans was born Tavier (Tay-vi-er) Isaiah Evans to his mother Cosandra Evans, and his unknown father. He has a grandmother that he lives with because his mother sadly passed away in May 3 of 2016. He had no choice but to live with his grandmother, Laura Evans. With this, he found a way to coupe, which brought him to YouTube. Like said above, Big T's father is unknown. Big T says he has no intention of trying to find him.

Record Label

Big T Evans is signed to his self-made label Big T Productions, Sinner Records, Voltstacc Entertainment, United Music Group, LLC, A-One Entertainment, and Create Music Group. Big T Evans created Big T Productions because he says he wants to have a label he created himself just like other rappers like NLE Choppa, Z-Ro, and more.


Big T Evans says he was inspired by rappers like NLE Choppa, Z-Ro, Blueface, Gucci Mane, and many more rappers in the game right now.

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