Betrayed (Can't Trust Nobody)
Studio album by Nationwide Rip Ridaz


10 November 1999




Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap




D. Fingaz, Leroy Dukes, Ronnie M. Phillips (also exec.), Tweedy Bird Loc

Nationwide Rip Ridaz chronology


Nationwide Rip Ridaz (1995)

Betrayed (Can't Trust Nobody) is the second and final album by American hip hop group Nationwide Rip Ridaz, released in 1999 on Dangerous Records.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Songs produced by Ronnie M. Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc, D. Fingaz and Leroy Dukes.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Kick'n' Knowledge" - 2:33
2. "Gangsta Boogie" Twin Loc, Mac-11, Big Freeze 3:51
3. "Niggas Don't Bang Like They Used To" Big Freeze, G-Bone, Twin Loc 4:03
4. "Days of Old" Duv Mac 4:13
5. "Crip Crazy" Duv Mac, G-Bone, Mac-11, Twin Loc 4:10
6. "Betrayed" Twin Loc 3:58
7. "I'll Ride For You" Big Freeze 3:56
8. "C's in the Air" Twin Loc 3:58
9. "Lost & Sherm'ed Out" Mac-11 4:07
10. "Take It Personal" Mac-11 3:53
11. "Crip: No Transformers" - 1:05
12. "Crip Loc" Mac-11 3:59
13. "Between Heaven or Hell" G-Bone 3:56
14. "Crip Card" - 1:07
15. "Watts Niggas Quick to Pop Niggas" Big Freeze, Mac-11 3:47
16. "Drama" Big Freeze, Duv Mac, G-Bone, Keystone, Mac-11, Sinbad the Slayer, Teroma, Twin Loc 4:33
17. "Payin' Dues" Big Freeze, Mac-11, Keystone, Duv Mac 3:45
18. "No One Can Save You" Keystone 3:41
19. "Till I Die" G-Bone 3:57
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