Battle of the Bay
Casual vs Saafir
Casual and Saafir battling in the studio

Also known as

Casual vs. Saafir, Hieroglyphics vs. Hobo Junction


11 November 1994


The "Battle of the Bay" is the name given to a rap battle between Bay Area rappers Casual and Saafir that occurred live on The Wake Up Show on the 18th of November 1994. Beef between the two began when Casual was unable to record a verse for Saafir's album Boxcar Sessions (as Saafir had appeared on Casual's Fear Itself), so the battle was set-up so the rappers could settle their differences. Accompanied with their crews Hieroglyphics and Hobo Junction, Casual and Saafir engaged in a twelve-minute battle live on-air. Although Casual freestyled his verses, Saafir is believed to have performed written verses. The verses by the two rappers included numerous personal attacks, and the intensity in the studio at times was so fierce that some participants had to be restrained from physically fighting with each other.

A winner was not announced on air, and listeners who called in to the show after the battle were divided as to who the winner was. The debate on who won the battle continues.

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