At the Speed of Life
At the Speed of Life
Studio album by Xzibit


1 October 1996


1995-1996 at Tha Concentration Camp (Los Angeles, California)


Hip hop






Diamond D, DJ Muggs, DJ Pen One, E-Swift (also exec.), Saafir, Craig Sherrad, Thayod Ausar, Xzibit (exec.)

At the Speed of Life is the debut album by American rapper Xzibit, released in 1996 on Loud Records. After making appearances on songs by Tha Alkaholiks and King Tee in the early 1990s, Xzibit became a member of the loosely-knit collective Likwit Crew, who make prominent appearances on the album. It was produced by E-Swift of Tha Alkaholiks, DJ Muggs and Diamond D, among others, and features appearances from King Tee, Tha Alkaholiks, Hurricane G, Ras Kass and Saafir.

The album peaked at #74 on the Billboard 200, and #22 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Two of its singles, "Paparazzi" and "The Foundation", also performed well on the charts.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Grand Opening (Interlude)" - - Craig Sherrad 1:32
2. "At the Speed of Life" Xzibit Banks, Joiner Thayod Ausar 3:45
3. "Just Maintain" Xzibit, Hurricane G, J-Ro Brooks, Joiner, Rodriguez E-Swift 3:21
4. "Eyes May Shine" Xzibit Brooks, Joiner E-Swift 3:54
5. "Positively Negative" Xzibit, King Tee Joiner, McBride, Sherrad Craig Sherrad 3:36
6. "Don't Hate Me (Interlude)" - - Thayod Ausar 1:32
7. "Paparazzi" Xzibit Banks, Joiner Thayod Ausar 3:56
8. "The Foundation" Xzibit Joel, Joiner, Muggerud DJ Muggs 3:55
9. "Mrs. Crabtree" - - E-Swift, Saafir 1:17
10. "Bird's Eye View" Xzibit, Catashtraphe, J-Ro Joiner, Kirkland, Robinson, Smith Diamond D 4:42
11. "Hit & Run II" Xzibit Joiner, Sherrad Craig Sherrad 3:49
12. "Carry the Weight" Xzibit Banks, Joiner, Jones Thayod Ausar 4:13
13. "Plastic Surgery" Xzibit, Ras Kass, Saafir Austin, Brooks, Gibson, Joiner E-Swift 4:40
14. "Enemies & Friends" Xzibit Haynes, Joiner DJ Pen One 4:01
15. "Last Words (Interlude)" - - Craig Sherrad 1:01
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