Studio album by Pep Love


24 July 2001


1999-2001 at Studio 7.62 and Hyde St. Studios


Hip hop




Hiero Imperium


A-Plus, Bicasso, Casual, Domino, Evidence, Jay-Biz, Mako, Toure

Pep Love chronology


Ascension Side C (2003)

Ascension is the debut solo album by American rapper Pep Love, released in 2001 on Hiero Imperium. As a part of the collective Hieroglyphics, Pep Love had made several appearances on songs by other members of the group, in addition to recording songs as a member of the duo The Shamen alongside Jay-Biz. With the exception of the individual members of Souls of Mischief, Pep Love was the last rapping member of Hieroglyphics to release an album. 

Ascension was released to predominantly positive reviews from critics, although The A.V. Club gave it a mixed review. It failed to make an impact commercially and did not reach any Billboard charts.


No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "The Grime & Grit" Pep Love Peacock, Suarez Jay-Biz 3:21
2. "Living Is Beautiful" Pep Love Carter, Peacock A-Plus 3:52
3. "The Grind" Pep Love Carter, Peacock A-Plus 4:11
4. "The Fight Club" Pep Love Peacock, Peretta Evidence 4:17
5. "U.S." Pep Love Carter, Peacock A-Plus 6:42
"U.S. Interlude" - Peacock, Whitaker Bicasso
6. "The Onus (What You Are)" Pep Love, Tajai Carter, Massey, Peacock A-Plus 6:12
7. "T.A.M.I." Pep Love Konder, Peacock Mako 4:53
8. "My Energy" Pep Love Duncan, Peacock Toure 4:16
9. "Ascension" Pep Love Konder, Peacock Mako 4:07
10. "Act. Phenom" Pep Love Peacock, Siguenza Domino 4:17
11. "A New Religion" Pep Love, The Grouch Peacock, Scoffrin, Suarez Jay-Biz 3:58
12. "Pacific Heights" Pep Love Carter, Peacock A-Plus 4:52
13. "Karma (The Snake Charmer)" Pep Love, Major Terror Carter, Peacock A-Plus 5:33
14. "If You Can't Beat 'Em" Pep Love, Casual Owens, Peacock Casual 3:49
15. "Different" Pep Love Peacock, Siguenza Domino 3:55
16. "Black People (Melanin Magnetic)" Pep Love Carter, Peacock A-Plus 5:40
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