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[[Category:Hip hop duos]]
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[[Category:Hip hop groups established in 1993]]
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Also known as

Brick City Kids


Newark, New Jersey, United States


Hipp hop

Years active

1993-1997, 2013-present


Big Beat, Atlantic

Associated acts

Brand Nubian, Buckwild, Busta Rhymes, Mad Skillz, Todd Ray, Redman


Artifacts is an American hip hop duo from Newark, New Jersey. The duo consists of rappers El da Sensei and Tame One. The duo made underground hip hop music that paid homage to the four elements of hip hop, such as their single "Wrong Side of da Tracks", which was a tribute to graffiti art as the duo were artists themselves.

Artifacts released their debut album, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, in 1994 to a warm reception from underground hip hop audiences. The album featured production work by Buckwild, and had lyrical themes involving b-boying and graffiti. Artifacts' second album, That's Them, was released in 1997, but did not receive as much recognition as their debut effort. The duo split shortly after the release of the album.

El da Sensai and Tame One have both continued to release music as solo artists, releasing a number of albums individually. In 2013, Tame One announced that the duo had reunited, and they are currently working on a new album as Artifacts.


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