Studio album by Akinyele


10 July 2001


Hip hop


Koch Records


Akinyele Adams (exec.), Armstead, Doc the Butcher, Hassan, Tom Hill, Lord Finesse, Mahogany, CJ Moore, Jessica Rosenblum (exec.), Earl Thomas

Akinyele chronology


Aktapuss (1999)

Anakonda is the third studio album by American rapper Akinyele, released in 2001 on Koch Records. It is Akinyele's least successful album commercially, failing to reach any US Billboard charts.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Gangsters Akinyele Earl Thomas 3:40
2. "I Like" Akinyele Earl Thomas 4:09
3. "Guns Dust" Akinyele, William Millions, Christine McClean, Iesha Guest CJ Moore 3:53
4. "Do You Wanna?" Akinyele, Uneek, Christine McClean CJ Moore 4:26
5. "Love My Bitch" Akinyele Lord Finesse 3:13
6. "Eat Pussy" Akinyele Doc the Butcher 3:25
7. "I'll Kill 4 You" Akinyele Tom Hill 2:31
8. "Pimps & Hoes" Akinyele, Lou Brown, Earl Thomas Armstead 5:05
9. "Do You Even" Akinyele Mahogany 2:22
10. "Problems" Akinyele, E-Legal-Pha Hassan 4:27
11. "What" Akinyele CJ Moore 3:09
12. "The Rhyme" Akinyele Doc the Butcher 4:13
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