AgreeAbles +Vs- DisAgreeAbles
AgreeAbles +Vs- DisAgreeAbles
Studio album by The 144 Elite


12 June 2007


Hip hop


Black Book International


The 144 Elite (exec.), Ditch Music, DJ Kong, Dope E, G. Sharp

AgreeAbles +Vs- DisAgreeAbles is the debut studio album by American hip hop collective The 144 Elite, released in 2007 on Black Book International. Dope E produced the majority of the album, while he and Justice Allah make an appearance on every song.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Elite Transmission" - Dope E 0:16
2. "144 Introduction" Dope E, Kuwait, Justice Allah, Big Deuce, MJ Ditch Music 2:27
3. "1-9 Iron Rods" Dope E, MJ, Justice Allah, DirtChile, K-Rino, Klondike Kat G. Sharp 4:45
4. "Rap Wars" Dope E, Justice Allah, MJ, DirtChile Dope E 5:14
5. "SuPreMe" Dope E, MJ, Justice Allah, Ranus Dope E 4:21
6. "Gods Keep Coming" Dope E, DirtChile, Justice Allah, MJ Dope E 5:35
7. "7's Up" Dope E, Justice Allah, K-Rino Dope E 4:35
8. "The Gift" Dope E, Justice Allah, Ranus Dope E 4:18
9. "You Deserve It" Dope E, Justice Allah, Soul Provider, K-Rino Dope E 5:29
10. "Die Hard" Dope E, Justice Allah, MJ DJ Kong 3:33
11. "Twinkling of an Eye" Dope E, Justice Allah, MJ Dope E 4:39
12. "Eyes of God" Dope E, Justice Allah Dope E 4:35
13. "Swordz" Dope E, Justice Allah, Kuwait, Soul Provider, MJ, Rick Hotep Dope E 7:19
14. "Elite Outransmission" - Dope E 0:51
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