Accepted Eclectic
Accepted Eclectic
Studio album by Aceyalone


6 March 2001


Hip hop




Ground Control, Project Blowed


Joey Chavez, Evidence, Fat Jack, Jissm High Definition, "Handle Bars" Nick Seil, SingLie, Julian Ware

Aceyalone chronology


A Book of Human Language (1998)


Hip Hop and the World We Live In (2002)

Accepted Eclectic is the third studio album by American rapper Aceyalone, released in 2001 on Ground Control and Project Blowed. Released three years after his deep concept album A Book of Human LanguageAccepted Eclectic sees Aceyalone return to a more conventional album offering, as well as a wider range of record producers. 

In a similar veign to the majority of Aceyalone's discography, Accepted Eclectic was released to critical acclaim, but failed to achieve commercial success. Its only appearance on the Billboard chart was at #36 on the Independent Albums, where it stayed for a week. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Rappers, Rappers, Rappers" Aceyalone Evidence 4:13
2. "Five Feet" Aceyalone Fat Jack 4:09
3. "Alive" Aceyalone Joey Chavez 4:04
4. "Hardship" Aceyalone Evidence 2:55
5. "I Never Knew" Aceyalone Joey Chavez, Julian Ware 4:04
6. "I Got to Have It Too" Aceyalone Fat Jack 3:34
7. "Accepted Eclectic" Aceyalone "Handle Bars" Nick Seil 4:38
8. "Golden Mic" Aceyalone Fat Jack 4:23
9. "B-Boy Real McCoy" Aceyalone, Abstract Rude Jissm High Definition 3:19
10. "Down Right Dirty" Aceyalone Evidence 4:25
11. "Master Your High" Aceyalone Joey Chavez, Julian Ware 3:37
12. "Microphones" Aceyalone, P.E.A.C.E. Evidence 4:16
13. "Serve & Protect" Aceyalone "Handle Bars" Nick Seil 3:49
14. "Bounce" Aceyalone "Handle Bars" Nick Seil 3:40
15. "I Can't Complain" Aceyalone SingLie 3:59
16. "Project Blowed" Aceyalone Fat Jack 4:15
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