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Abstract Rude
Abstract Rude.jpg

Birth name

Aaron Pointer


Los Angeles, California, United States


Hip hop



Years active



Battle Axe (2001)
Rhymesayers Entertainment (2009)
Keep the Feel Ent. (2012-present)

Associated acts

The A-Team, Abstract Tribe Unique, Haiku D'Etat, Vitamin D, Aceyalone, Fat Jack

Aaron Pointer, better known by his stage name Abstract Rude, is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He is a member of the groups Abstract Tribe Unique, Haiku D'Etat and The A-Team.

Abstract Rude began his career at the Good Life Cafe, where he performed with his group Abstract Tribe Unique. He first made a name for himself in 1994 as executive producer of the Project Blowed compilation. The groundbreaking album also pinpointed Abstract Rude as a skillful MC, capable of expressing extremely soulful sentiments with his mystical themes and deeply pronounced voice. As a long-time collaborator with Aceyalone and as a founding member of Abstract Tribe Unique, Abstract Rude carved out a niche for himself as hip-hop's most accessible healer.

Most comfortable fronting the atmospheric production provided by Fat Jack on albums such as Mood Pieces and South Central Thynk Tank, Abstract Rude proves that clarity in rap is just as impressive as complexity. His work on the Haiku D'Etat project in 1997, which aimed to merge hip-hop with jazz, only further illustrated his interest in placing his music within a historical context. All in all, Abstract Rude is an artist that both your grandmother and your little brother could appreciate. Having run the gamut of label affiliations, from being completely independent to being signed to Capitol's Grand Royal to being independent again by way of Ocean Floor, Abstract Rude found an appropriate home for himself at Battle Axe; his 2001 album, titled P.A.I.N.T. is further proof that he is a true lyrical heavyweight.

After releasing a number of albums with the aforementioned groups in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Abstract Rude released his debut album, Rejuvenation, in 2009. His latest album, Keep the Feel: A Legacy of Hip Hop Soul, was released in 2015 on his own label, Keep the Feel Entertainment.