Abstract Mindstate is comprised of rappers Olskool Ice-Gre and E.P Da Hellcat . Mindstate formed at Jackson State in Mississippi, where Gre and E.P helped form the Stewpot Stowaways , a hip-hop crew of "outcasts", or individuals who were originally from the Jackson area. The Stewport Stowaways collective also featured David Banner and Kamikaze , who would go on to form Crooked Lettaz . In 2001, Kamikaze appeared on We Paid Let Us In! , Abstract Mindstate's debut album for 404 Entertainment. With songs like "Equiponderence", "Taoism" and "The Art of Speaking", Abstract Mindstate aligned itself with the consciousness of the underground hip-hop movement. But despite its independent release, We Paid featured innovative production that reached beyond the nebulous boundaries of the underground movement. In late 2002, Ice-Gre contributed to Gravel Records' Chicago Project: 100% Chicago Hip Hop.


  • 2001: We Paid Let Us In!
  • 2021: Dreams Still Inspire
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