A Tear for the Ghetto
A Tear For The Ghetto
Studio album by Group Home


1 June 1999


1995, 1998-1999


Hip hop


Replay Records


Agallah, Alchemist, All the King's Men, Buggy Eye, DJ Premier, DJ Rad, Guru (exec.), Jiv Pos, Lil' Dap (also exec.), Charlie Maratta

Group Home chronology


Livin' Proof (1995)


Where Back (2008)

A Tear for the Ghetto is the second album by American hip hop duo Group Home, released in 1999 on Replay Records. The album features production work by DJ Premier and The Alchemist being the most notable. Two music videos were made for the album for tracks "The Legacy" and "Stupid Muthaf*ckas", which were also released as singles. Some songs are recycled from previous singles, including "Dial a Thug" and "12 O'Clock". Despite the efforts of advertising and having big names on their project, the album received little commercial and critical success.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Tear Shit Down" Lil' Dap, Melachi Agallah 3:31
2. "Da Real GH" Lil' Dap, Melachi Charlie Maratta 4:06
3. "Stupid Muthafuckas (30 Minutes To War)" Lil' Dap, Melachi The Alchemist 4:37
4. "Street Life" Lil' Dap, Melachi Lil' Dap 1:57
5. "Sun for a Reason" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Blackstarr, Kai-Bee DJ Rad 4:04
6. "The Legacy" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Guru DJ Premier 4:01
7. "Run for Your Life" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Agallah, Blackadon Agallah 4:21
8. "Make It in Life" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Agallah Agallah 4:42
9. "A Train X-press" Lil' Dap, Melachi DJ Rad 3:50
10. "Be Like That" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Guru, Agallah, Blackadon Agallah 4:40
11. "Dial a Thug" Lil' Dap, Blackadon, Blackstarr DJ Rad 3:51
12. "Politic All Night" Lil' Dap, Melachi Lil' Dap 1:22
13. "We Can Do This" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Blackstarr, Jack the Ripper Lil' Dap 4:23
14. "Keep Rising" Lil' Dap, Melachi Jiv Pos 3:37
15. "12 O'Clock" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Nikki Bondz All the King's Men 4:09
16. "Oh Sweet America" Lil' Dap, Melachi Agallah 3:59
17. "Breaker 1-9" Lil' Dap, Kai Bee Buggy Eye 3:12
18. "Beefin' for Rap" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Steph Lova Agallah 2:38
19. "Game Recognize Game" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Kai-Bee Charlie Maratta 1:42
20. "Life Ain't Shit" Lil' Dap, Melachi, Agallah Charlie Maratta 4:36
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