A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Pray at Will)
A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Pray at Will).jpg
Studio album by BAM


1 October 1995


Hip hop




Floyd Clark (exec.), D.J. Storm, G. Rapp, Lucious Ice, J.K. Oliver (exec.), Suaran Marshall (exec.)

BAM chronology


A Rough Nigga'z Bible Vol. II: Hell on Earth (2000)

A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Pray at Will) is the debut album by American rapper BAM, released in 1995 on X-Bam Records. 

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by G. Rapp, except for "Eyez Open (Lucious Ice/D.J. Storm-Remix)", remixed by Lucious Ice and D.J. Storm.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" BAM 1:32
2. "A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Pray at Will)" BAM, Klondike Kat 4:56
3. "Fuck the Lawz" BAM, K.B. 4:39
4. "Scared 2 Die" BAM, Flea 4:47
5. "Money Divides" BAM 4:15
6. "Eyez Open (Lucious Ice/D.J. Storm-Remix)" BAM 4:55
7. "Glokland" BAM, Pharoah 4:43
8. "Blaze Witcha Boy" BAM 3:37
9. "Graduation Day" BAM 4:46
10. "Shakem Well" BAM 4:26
11. "All My Killaz Say" BAM, Burton Boyz 4:15
12. "How 2 Get Away wit It" BAM, Klondike Kat 5:23
13. "Thugminded" BAM 2:55
14. "Negative Thoughts" BAM, Fakkulty 5:17
15. "Pussy Ain't Got No Face" BAM 3:52
16. "Outro" BAM 2:22
17. "Eyez Open (Street Version)" BAM 4:32
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