A Day in the Life of a Player
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Studio album by Gold Money




Hip hop


Tommy Boy


Atron Gregory (exec.), Pee-Wee

A Day in the Life of a Player is the debut studio album by American hip hop duo Gold Money, released in 1992 on Tommy Boy Records. It was produced entirely by group member Pee-Wee, and features guest vocals by fellow Digital Underground member Shock G as himself and his pseudonym Humpty Hump. 

The album did not see much success commercially, and thus is the duo's only album together. The single "Money" also had a music video made for it.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by Pee-Wee. Track 2 features Foe Doe Caddy, and Track 3 features Shock G and Humpty Hump.

No. Title Writer(s) Time
1. "Youngblood" Brackens, Gooden 3:12
2. "Cop n Blow" Gooden 4:54
3. "Money" Gooden 3:27
4. "Momma Mia" Gooden 2:27
5. "Mnniiggaahh" Brackens, Gooden 3:53
6. "W-E-E-D" Brackens, Gooden 1:59
7. "Daddy Never Left Ya" Gooden, Nelson 3:39
8. "Nothin'" Gooden 4:46
9. "The Hoooof" Clinton, Gooden, Shider, Spradley 3:05
10. "Standin' Ovation" Gooden 4:21
11. "Young Black Teenagers" Brackens, Gooden 3:04
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