A Constipated Monkey
A Constipated Monkey
Studio album by Kurious


January 18, 1994


May 1992 - April 1993


Chung King Studios (New York City)
Rampant Recording Studio (New York City)
LGK Studios (Leonia, New Jersey)


Hip hop




Hoppoh Recordings, Columbia Records, Sony Music Entertainment


The Beatnuts, Bosco Money, Daddy Rich, Bobbito Garcia (exec.), Dan Kealy (exec.), Faith Newman (exec.), Pete Nice (also exec.), The SD50's

Kurious chronology


II (2009)

A Constipated Monkey is the debut studio album by American rapper Kurious, released in 1994 on Hoppoh Recordings, Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment. Recording sessions took place from May 1992 to April 1993 in New York at Chung King Studios, Rampant Recording Studio and LGK Studios. Production on the album was handled by Pete Nice, The Beatnuts, Bosco Money, SD50's and DJ Richie Rich. It features guest appearances by Casual, Kadi, The Omen, MF Grimm, Psycho Les & Lucien. The album peaked at #68 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #31 on the Heatseekers Albums charts in the United States. A Constipated Monkey produced three singles and videos: "Walk Like a Duck", "I'm Kurious" and "Uptown Shit".

Track listing Edit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Spell It wit a J (Yes, Yes Jorge)" Kurious The Beatnuts 5:05
2. "Top Notch" Kurious, Psycho Les, Lucien The Beatnuts 4:04
3. "I'm Kurious" Kurious Daddy Rich, Pete Nice 3:55
4. "Uptown Shit" Kurious, Kadi, The Omen The Beatnuts 4:36
5. "Leave Ya' with This" Kurious The SD50's 3:42
6. "Fresh Out the Box" Kurious The Beatnuts 5:15
7. "Walk Like a Duck" Kurious The Beatnuts 4:56
8. "Tear Shit Up" Kurious, The Grimm Reaper The Beatnuts 3:40
9. "Baby Bust It" Kurious, Casual The SD50's 4:30
10. "Nikole" Kurious Bosco Money 4:22
11. "What's the Real" Kurious The SD50's 4:27
12. "Jorge of the Projects" Kurious The SD50's 4:34
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