"A.D.'s Revenge"
A.D.'s Revenge
Studio album by Awesome Dré and The Hard Core Committee




Hip hop


Strictly Roots Recording


Awesome Dré

Awesome Dré and The Hard Core Committee chronology


You Can't Hold Me Back (1989)

A.D.'s Revenge (stylised as "A.D.'s Revenge") is the second and final studio album by American hip hop group Awesome Dré and The Hard Core Committee, released in 1993 on Strictly Roots Recordings. Like the group's debut album four years earlier, Awesome Dré entirely produced and predominantly performed on the album. The album's sole single was its title track.


All songs produced by Awesome Dré.

No. TItle Performer(s) Time
1. "A.D.'s Revenge" Awesome Dré, Don Sysko Irie 3:49
2. "Deadly Zone" Awesome Dré 4:34
3. "Psychological Warfare" Awesome Dré 4:07
4. "What Is Legal?" Awesome Dré 3:08
5. "Message to da Hood" Awesome Dré 5:40
6. "Dig Up Ya Roots" Awesome Dré 3:17
7. "Dis Is Babylon" Awesome Dré 4:19
8. "Talkin Bout Nothin" Awesome Dré 4:18
9. "Deadlier Than Strychnine" Awesome Dré 5:36
10. "My Operation" Awesome Dré 5:15
11. "Fool's Mission" Awesome Dré 3:56
12. "Wreakin Havoc" Awesome Dré 4:54
13. "Wartime" Awesome Dré 2:20
14. "Dogmatic" Awesome Dré 4:24
15. "No Pity" Awesome Dré, Don Sysko Irie, X-Man 5:02
16. "Don't Try to Work Me" Awesome Dré 5:09
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